Monday, May 12, 2008

I don't have much to share today. It's gray and drizzling, (I cannot use any word ending in -izzle now without thinking of Snoop Dogg. We saw him once, driving the car next to us when we were stuck in traffic. It's probably the best celebrity sighting I've ever had in LA that wasn't through work.) so there are no pictures. And really, there wouldn't be a ton to take pictures of anyway, because I've mainly spent the day doing house work. Which I'm getting to an okay stopping point with, and I may go have a cup of tea and enjoy the gray and the drizzle, because later in the week it will be ungodly hot. Which is all to say, nothing much to see here today, so go read this article about the amazingly awesome Lynda Barry. She rocks an awful lot.

Ooo! Editing to add the link to the slideshow about Lynda Barry's new book. Which is probably linked from the article above, but I had missed previously. So I share it for people like me, who miss things sometimes.

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