Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I do a ton of drawings I don't share. Or that I share, but just with Charlie, or just with family. Drawings I don't do for a project, drawings that aren't done carefully. Drawings that I do just for the sake of drawing, because sometimes you just need to draw. These are two of those. I decided to share these because even though they aren't the best drawings I've done by a long shot, they make me smile every time I come across them in my sketchbook. I hope they make you smile too.


Absolutely Small said...

I love the AWESOME cat in a sweater!

Anonymous said...

Love the drawings, and wish you would post more of them. I think what strikes me most about them is the detail. The fine lines of the cat and the plaid shirt on the girl as an example. And of course they do bring a BIG smile to my face.