Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm back! Actually, I was back Monday, but due to a variety of boring things I was feeling under the weather and exhausted, and entirely unmotivated to do much. I'm still tired and feeling a bit cruddy, but I'm going the right direction, so I thought I'd drag myself back over here.

At any rate. Chicago and Michigan were lovely lovely lovely, and before that I had a great birthday. The are fun pictures to be shared, and stories to be told, but for today I want to look towards the future. More specifically, I want to look to tomorrow, when I will be using the pasta maker Charlie got me for my birthday!

I am so excited about this. We eat a lot of pasta, and I've been really wanting to make it myself for awhile. We've been making gnocchi, but I want to make noodles. And now I can!

Editing to add-

The point! The point was, food, as a theme. I've signed up for NaBloPoMo again for the month of July, both as a shot in the arm to get me going, and because the theme for July is food. And I love food, both preparation and consumption. And I've been thinking of either doing a lot of food posts here in addition to my art and personal stuff, or starting a separate food blog. So this will let me test out that idea.

See, so it ties in with the pasta maker, which was the point, except that I forgot. My brain is not so great today.

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Anonymous said...

Love the food recipes idea!! That will be great!!