Friday, September 14, 2007

Two paintings, a mask, and a toy you can't see.

I just finished the most super cool toy, and I want to show it off so much right now. Except I can't, as it's a commission piece that's intended as a Christmas gift for someone who might see this. So it'll be here eventually. But not yet.

But in the meantime, paintings! And a mask!

I'm so glad to finally have time to get back to art again. I feel so much more vital when I'm working. And the work I'm doing is coming out well. So it's all good!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Very cool stuff!

And I sure wish there were more occasions for mask wearing. Or that people just put them on whenever--would sure may a trip to the grocery store more entertaining!

Jessie Mae said...

Odd that you would bring up masks in the grocery store. I'm hoping to use the costumes and masks I'm making in performance pieces and short films, and one of the things I was thinking of was going to the store in the mask. But I'm thinking I would probably get arrested, and I feel like getting arrested for art is something I'd like to save for bigger, probably political statements.