Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Little Lady! And Dog Update!

Tada! She was a bit on the complicated side, but I like how she turned out. She isn't quite done yet (I'm going to make her a little messenger bag, and little books to go in it) but I was eager to get her picture up here. Hence the lackluster photos. Although even if I had waited for tomorrow morning to take the pictures, it probably wouldn't have been that great. It's been really gray here lately.

In other news, Smee the dog is feeling all better. Right now he's sitting on the sofa, chewing on his foot. Which is another thing I wish he'd stop doing, but I'll take it over him being sick. I'm pretty level headed with this sort of thing, but I was really worried about him yesterday. I was about to get in the car and take him to the vet when he finally started getting better. He's my little guy. I'm glad he's back to his old self.

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