Monday, October 30, 2006

Via the worst picture ever taken, I present to the world my progress on the Sweet sweater. It's coming along pretty well. I have a few more inches to go until I reach the bottom, and then I need to decide if I'm going to put sleeves on. But I doing it! It's getting done.

Sadly, not much else has been accomplished today. I slept poorly last night, and in my attempt to take a short nap to make up the difference, I somehow slept about 2 1/2 hours this afternoon. Mainly I have done crocheting, and figuring out a driving route for our trip back to Chicago for the wedding. Why am I taking yet another cross-country road trip, since I didn't really enjoy it the first time and now it's also winter so we have to take a slower, southern route? The dog. Because there is a good chance that we will spend a goodly amount of December in Chicago, we've decided take the dog with us, so that he can hang out at my mom's house. I'm not checking him as baggage or cargo, therefore we have to drive.


Chas St. Chas said...

Even though it will be epic, I, for one, am semi-excited about driving across our majestic nation, if only because it will be the first non-ragdoll, non-apartment-seeking, non-moving, non-wedding-related major project we'll have undertaken in a while! Plus we get to stop in St. Louis -- traditionally the "Gateway to the West," but, for us, kind of, the "Gateway to the East."

Jessie Mae said...

It'll be fun to spend all that time with you and Smee. I'm just praying that there aren't anymore horrible tire blowouts on this trip.